Title: Vijay Singh's lawsuit against the PGA Tour brings into play the Tour's limited drug testing

Description: Vijay Singh is one of the least sympathetic figures in sports, and deservedly so. He openly rooted for Annika Sorenstam to miss the cut when she made the ground-breaking decision to play a PGA Tour event in 2003. He was suspended after being accused of changing his scorecard to make the cut at the 1985 Indonesian Open. And even though he now has been cleared by the PGA Tour of any wrongdoing, he did use a product, deer antler spray, that the Tour warned in August 2011 included a banned substance.

Link: http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/columnist/brennan/2013/05/08/brennan-column-vijay-singh-lawsuit-pga-tour-drug-testing/2145511/