Title: U.S. Open Will Test the Limits at Merion

Description: ARDMORE, Pa. — St. George’s Episcopal Church is about 150 yards from the sixth green at the Merion Golf Club, where the United States Open will begin June 13. The bells in the 81-year-old church tower ring every 30 minutes, a harmonic, if striking, clangor that interrupts the usual hush enveloping a putting green. Imagine Tiger Woods poised over a crucial putt on the sixth hole during the final day of the Open. If his caddie has done his homework, he will not let Woods begin his stroke at the top or the bottom of the hour. Because no one has told St. George’s to turn off its bells.

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/02/sports/golf/us-open-coming-to-merion-with-all-its-bells-and-whistles.html?hp&_r=2&