Title: Fore Sale

Description: FOR SALE, by author, all rights of reproduction including book, movie, and any other rights, et. al. A clever, young dolphin named Duffy learns to play golf by observing and emulating the professional golfers playing by his water hazard home on the 18th hole of a tournament-ranked Texas course. Admiring Arnold Palmer's remarkable skill, bold demeanor and daring, Duffy becomes an enthusiastic recruit in Arnie's Army. As luck would have it Mr. Palmer is scheduled to play in an important tournament at Duffy's home course. Upon hearing the great news the young dolphin is truly thrilled. On the final hole of the tournament Mr. Palmer encounters an unbelievable bit of bad luck hitting the ball into the drink. But in a fortunate twist of fate Duffy is able to even the score helping his hero turn defeat into victory via Mr. Palmer's skill and inherent daring. In a generous gesture of thank you and mutual admiration Mr. Palmer drapes the tournament medal about the young dolphin's neck a source of great pride for Duffy.

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