Title: Tiger Tales II: Tiger Answers Sergio Garcia’s Complaints With Players Victory

Description: As a sports enthusiast (particularly golf), I do listen to several sports media outlets during the week, and was somewhat surprised that many of the shows and outlets seemed to focus on the “War of Words” that surfaced. Many of the programs rarely spend even a moment on golf, but were drawn to the confrontation, for what I think was simply an acknowledgement that about 30,000,000 million people (golfers) had taken an interest in. Makes sense to me! The Facts The facts are truly quite simple. During the third round on Saturday, Tiger hit his drive on the par five 2nd hole into the pine straws, left of the fairway. Faced with a second shot to a par five hole, which he seemingly had owned over the previous rounds, Tiger was determining what type of shot to play. Sergio, had hit his tee shot to the right side, with a great lie, and most certainly was considering a second shot either on or close to the green. Sergio was approximately two yards further than Tiger, which dictated that he play first. Please know that the two players were 67 yards apart, Tiger in the left rough and Sergio on the right.

Link: http://www.hio.com/tiger-tales-ii-tiger-answers-sergios-complaints-with-players-victory/