Title: Take Golf Out Of The Rough, Into The 21st Century

Description: When my old pal the Sports Curmudgeon had some mildly churlish things to say about golf a few weeks ago, both he and I were upbraided by loyal linksters. As one snapped at me, "You don't know anything about golf." Perhaps. But I know all about golf propaganda. Because major golf tournaments continue to maintain a 19th century pose and require golfers to keep their own score, instead of having a paid scorekeeper with a 21st century, electronic device — as is the case with every other big-time sport — golf loves to pretend that this somehow makes the sport more noble. The tiresome network shills can never stop boasting about how golf is a more honorable game than all the others.

Link: http://www.npr.org/2013/06/05/188630711/take-golf-out-of-the-rough-into-the-21st-century