Title: Will a mudball decide US Open?

Description: ARDMORE, PA. It’s a rite of passage for the world’s best golfers to complain at the National Open. Their weepy refrains haven’t changed in decades: the fairways are too narrow, the rough’s too gnarly, the greens are slicker than James Bond and harder to read than James Joyce. They’re not wrong about any of it, but that’s the motif of the US Open. To quote Tiger Woods, it is what it is, and what it’s always been: a war of attrition. You don’t win US Opens as much as you survive them. But while they have been historically tough, they’ve also been fair. This one, however, will be different. It’ll be tough and unfair.

Link: http://msn.foxsports.com/golf/story/golfers-hope-to-stay-out-of-mud-at-us-open-tiger-woods-graeme-mcdowell-david-graham-steve-stricker-061113