Title: PGA Tour Seeks to Dismiss Singh Suit Over Antler Spray

Description: The PGA Tour asked a New York state court to throw out a lawsuit by golfer Vijay Singh claiming he was publicly humiliated by a suspension for using deer-antler spray before he was cleared of wrongdoing two months later. Singh, 50, the world’s top-ranked player in 2004 and 2005, filed a complaint May 8 in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan accusing the PGA Tour of “reckless administration and implementation” of its anti-doping program. Singh said in the filing that he used the spray, which contains a substance related to growth hormone, for knee and back problems and checked its ingredients against the tour’s list of banned substances to make sure it didn’t contain any of them. The tour imposed an undisclosed penalty against Singh on Feb. 19, about a month after he said in a Sports Illustrated article he had used the spray. It cleared him in April after the World Anti-Doping Agency said it was no longer outlawed. The tour in a court filing yesterday asked a judge to dismiss the golfer’s case, saying it “conducted itself reasonably and responsibly in its treatment of Singh.” The tour said it’s uncontested that Singh used the spray, that it contained a banned substance, that the tour had the authority to impose sanctions for the substance and that the golfer had the chance to challenge his suspension. ‘Undisputed Facts’ “On the basis of these undisputed facts, the tour’s decisions under its own anti-doping program to impose discipline on Singh and ultimately to rescind that discipline, can hardly be described as illegal or having been taken in bad faith and accordingly, as a matter of law, should not be second-guessed by the court,” attorneys for the PGA Tour said in the filing.

Link: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-06-13/pga-tour-seeks-to-dismiss-singh-suit-over-antler-spray.html