Title: Old Man Merion wins Day One

Description: The Old Man of the Main Line undoubtedly heard the talk. The pros were coming back and, like kids who return to a playground from their youth, they were supposed to find the place a lot smaller than anyone remembered. It would be too small for their souped-up equipment and their Cybex-tuned bodies, and heaven help the place if it rained and the pros didn't have to worry about their shots bouncing off a runway-hard surface. The Old Man laughed quietly. There's more to the game of golf - and to the game of life, thank goodness - than mere yardage. There's more than one way to befuddle the best players in the sport. There are some tricks they rarely have to solve. So, come on out and let's see what happens. Old Man Merion was ready to teach a new generation some ancient lessons. On Thursday, the education began, and while it wasn't always pretty, the Merion Golf Club East Course layout held its own during the soggy and unfinished first round of the U.S. Open. The course has been pelted by rain for much of the last week, including Thursday morning and again in the early evening. While that may have solved one problem for the pros, it also created some others.

Link: http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/golf/2013-us-open-merion/20130614_Old_Man_Merion_wins_Day_One.html