Title: Major victories the ultimate measure of greatness

Description: Tom Tango, one of the most incisive baseball analysts working today, asks a fascinating golf question: When you are analyzing a golfer’s greatness, how many non-major golf victories equal a major championship? It is a particularly great question this year as we try to determine who exactly is the Player of the Year. This year, Tiger Woods has won five times. And we’re not talking about five inconsequential tournaments. He won The Players Championship, which has perhaps the best field of any tournament in the world and many consider a sort of minor major. He won two World Golf Championships events. He won the prestigious Arnold Palmer Invitational. It has, in so many ways, been a remarkable year. This year, Adam Scott has won just twice. This past weekend, he sort of backed into a victory at The Barclays – he shot a final-round 66, got into the clubhouse, and watched everyone self-destruct down the stretch. And earlier this year, of course, he won the Masters – maybe the most illustrious golf tournament in the world. So: Who is your Player of the Year?

Link: http://www.golfchannel.com/news/joe-posnanski/major-victories-the-ultimate-measure-of-greatness/