Title: Zach Johnson, Nick Watney confront heckler at BMW Championship

Description: Enough is enough. After Zach Johnson missed his first putt on the 18th hole at Conway Farms to finish out the third round of the BMW Championship on Saturday, a fan shouted at Johnson, “Zach, you suck!” Johnson, clearly perturbed, looked back in the direction of the fan before moving to clean up the putt and finish his round. Playing partner Nick Watney, also not happy with what was shouted, then finished up as well, and looked back toward the fan. After a cordial handshake, the two players and their respective caddies pointed at and started walking toward the offending fan. Then Johnson and Watney went a step further, confronting the heckler in the stands as they walked off the green. RELATED: An open letter to “Mashed potatoes!” and “Baba booey!” guys | Zach Johnson explains verbal altercation with fan on Twitter | Sergio Garcia also heckled, perhaps by same fan | The five worst hecklers in golf history It was not clear what was said by Johnson and Watney toward the fan, but after they were done speaking with the fan in question, another fan started patting his chest with his hand, saying, “Nice job, Zach” and laughing at the two. The fan was not immediately ejected, but with one twosome left to play in the round, there wasn’t much benefit in it anyhow. This incident is the latest example of fans that have grown more and more brazen in what and when they shout comments toward PGA Tour players at golf events. It goes well beyond yelling “Mashed potatoes!” or “Baba booey!” as a player is striking or about to strike a golf shot. This is downright nasty.

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