Title: Man impales his own tongue with golf tee in dumb stunt [VIDEO]

Description: If you’ve ever had the urge to let a friend hit a golf ball off of a tee you hold in your mouth, this video will give you pause. Permanent pause. In this video, uploaded Sept. 18, a trio of guys are in the backyard of a home — presumably in Louisiana because of all the the New Orleans Saints jerseys in the footage — and two decide to pull off the ole’ “human tee” stunt shot. It’s also clearly somewhat fueled by alcohol because the “human tee” has a beer in his hand. The guy that’s about to do the golf equivalent of a trust fall lies on the ground and puts a tee in his mouth. The friend with the club then takes a mindful practice cut to make sure he won’t smash his friend in the face with the club. Then he tees up a ball and swings lightly. He barely taps the ball off the tee. Then the horror happens. The friend re-tees the ball and makes a descending blow on the ball this time, basically hitting a grounder. Immediately, the friend yells, “God da*n it!” He gets up off the ground, moaning inaudibly. Why? Because the tee impaled his own tongue! Then the guy pulls the tee out of his own tongue, revealing a bloody hole where he could presumably now put a tongue ring.

Link: http://thegolfnewsnet.com/ryan_ballengee/2013/09/19/man-impales-tongue-golf-tee-dumb-stunt-video-4640/