Title: The best players with only one major victory

Description: It's one of the clichés that nearly all media are guilty of spouting, especially the TV media, when a player wins his first major championship. He's taken his game to the next level. Now that he's got the first one, the floodgates could break open. Except in most cases that first major doesn't even lead to a small puddle, much less a flood. We obsess about players who haven't scored that first major championship and how their careers are supposedly lacking. Luke Donald, Lee Westwood, Sergio Garcia and Dustin Johnson, to name a few, are tired of hearing it. It's a backhanded compliment. Once these guys win a major, though, we often expect them to turn into world-beaters and jump to the top of the world rankings. That doesn't happen so often, either. And so we now take a look at golf's current one-hit wonders. Did we expect most of them to win a second major? Absolutely. But it hasn't happened yet for them. Here's my list of the current Best Players With Only One Major Championship: 1. Adam Scott (World No. 2) He won the Masters, finally, and he's repeatedly in contention in the majors. He's looking more and more like the best player in the game these days, a title for which Tiger is the other serious contender; his ballstriking has gone to the next level; and he's got two more years before his anchored long-putter is banned. It could be a sweet two years because no one truly believes he's done winning majors. He's just getting started. Time since major win: Seven months. 2. Justin Rose (5) At 33, the Englishman's game has come of age. He's not a prolific winner, with five wins on the PGA Tour, including this year's U.S. Open at Merion, and six in Europe. But he's won some pretty big tournaments against some pretty good fields and he's come up with big shots in clutch Ryder Cup moments. More majors to come? You'd think so. Time since major win: Five months. 3. Jason Dufner (10) The Duff, 36, is a late-bloomer, and based on his tousled hair, usually looks like a late riser. His ballstriking was dominant at Oak Hill, where he landed a PGA Championship in August -- a mild surprise only because his putting can be spotty. But as a semi-folk hero after his hilarious Dufnering pose, he was a popular winner. He should contend in a few more majors. Time since major win: Three months.

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