Title: Golf is a rotation sport right? You still need more hip extension

Description: What is hip extension? In terms of your body, everything you do involves a rotational force, or torque, around a pivot. By this we mean a muscle contracts creating force, that force is exerted at a lever creating a turning moment. In the case of hip extension and flexion you have a lever formed by the skeletal structure of the hip girdle and spine that move into flexion or extension as the glutes, hamstrings and spinal erectors or hip flexors respectively contract. Hip extension is one of the most basic human movement patterns; think of bending over to pick something up. In its simplest form hip extension takes us from bent over at the hips to standing up right. Good mornings, back extensions and kettlebell swings are the purest hip extension movements we can do in the gym, although deadlifts, cleans, snatches and squats still involve a high degree of hip extension. It is one of the strongest, most powerful movement patterns available to the human body. Think about pushing you car when it won’t start, you don’t stand straight up and push, you bend from your hips, activating your hamstrings and glutes and push like that, your body knows this is much more powerful. Why is hip extension important? Respected strength coaches such as Dan John have been touting the benefits of hip extension movements for years for everything from increasing your total, a more developed posterior chain, full body power development, better movement quality and even a better quality of life! Indeed Gray Cook has included hip extension movements in his famous functional movement assessments and believes them to be one of the most important basic movement patterns. There is a large body of research evidence demonstrating hip extension as a vital part of most athletic activities from sprinting to jumping. Hip extension has even been shown to play a vital role, even sports traditionally thought of as rotational in nature, such as baseball hitting velocity, rotational throws like shot put or hammer or the golf swing.

Link: http://strongergolf.org/2013/11/25/golf-rotation-sport-hip-extension/