Title: Greg Norman says he 'probably' would have beaten Tiger Woods

Description: Greg Norman is clearly a fan of stirring the pot with his quotes and this one about Tiger Woods on Golf.com is no different. Norman got to talking about winning and what it's all about and unleashed this gem" "A lot of people ask how I'd stack up against today's players if I had use of modern equipment. Listen, it's not about the gear. Winning is about what's in your heart and in your head. Equipment dictates how to play the game in an era, but the physical and mental skills are the same. And I had them. I never feared anything or anyone on the course, and I wasn't afraid to fail. So I think I'd do pretty well against Snead, Hogan, Tiger and Phil -- whoever. Tiger's a tough guy, but I was a tough guy on the course, too. I probably would have beat him." Well, ok, a lot of people beat Tiger Woods. Victor Dubuisson just beat Tiger Woods in a tournament in Turkey. Zach Johnson beat him in California. He's been beat at tournaments by thousands of golfers over the course of his career. I guess I don't really understand what Norman is saying. Does he think he would have taken Woods down at the majors? Does he think he would be better than Woods if he played today? The entire article is actually really good but this quote is quite silly, especially without context.

Link: http://www.cbssports.com/golf/eye-on-golf/24372097/greg-norman-says-he-probably-would-have-beat-tiger-woods