Title: 11 Best Pro Athlete Golfers

Description: You want to know why some people say pro golfers aren’t really athletes? Because when other athletes need a vacation from the sport they normally play, they play golf. Now, understand, I’m not saying pro golfers aren’t athletes. That’s just the reason why some other people might say it. On the other hand, one might argue that if you don’t have to be a good athlete to be a great golfer, why are so many pro athletes so damn good at golf? And you have to admit, this is a pretty valid point. Of course, none of this explains why pro athletes love to play golf so much in their free time. All we know is, when the season is over, they hit the links. Pick any of the four major pro sports leagues in North America. Toward the end of a season, if a team is in danger of being eliminated from the playoffs, the announcers on TV will say stuff like, “if they don’t win tonight they’ll be playing golf next week.” It’s true, because they all play golf during their offseason like it’s going out of style. This got me to thinking, and this thinking led to a theory: an athlete’s prowess on the golf course ought to be inversely related to his success in whatever sport he plays normally. In other words, if an athlete is always playing late into the playoffs, then he won’t get as much time out on the course, and he won’t be as good a golfer. But if he plays for a team that’s never all that good, he might be a really great golfer. To test my theory, I made this list of the best currently active athlete golfers. Have a look, and judge my theory for yourself.

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