Title: This Tiger Woods story is the greatest

Description: There should probably be an entire website (or at least a single blog) devoted to folks telling Tiger Woods stories. Rarely do they disappoint and this one from Woods' old teammate (and current Stanford golf coach) Conrad Ray in GolfDigest is no different: "A few months after Woods left Stanford in 1996, his former teammate Jake Poe told this story, about a day in which Woods, holding a driver, was at the other end of the Stanford range, about 60 yards away, and began walking toward him." "'He was looking at me and I punched a 4-iron shot at him and got it rolling toward his feet,' Poe said. 'He's still walking and in mid-stride he grabs his driver with his other hand. He's got it in both hands now and the ball's rolling at a good pace, and in mid-stride, still walking, he takes a full swing and hits the ball at least 290 yards, a slap shot, perfectly straight. Probably the most impressive shot I've ever seen. Everything in full motion -- him, the ball, everything. Incredible.'" It's like he was put on earth to swing a golf club or something. Let's consider for a moment that Poe is slightly exaggerating or that Ray is misrepresenting a thing or two about what Poe told him. It's still a ridiculous story. What if the ball only went 240 yards? So what, he was still mid-stride and hit a moving ball off the deck with a driver. While walking! Tiger stories, they're the best.

Link: http://www.cbssports.com/golf/eye-on-golf/24441423/this-tiger-woods-story-is-the-greatest