Title: Why Tiger Woods' Sunday blues are overblown

Description: It's safe to say we've seen the most disappointing back-to-back Sundays of Tiger Woods' career the past two weeks. His lackluster performances have generated discussion about him losing his ability to close, but is this truly a case of final-round pressure finally getting to arguably the game's all-time greatest player? Let's look at the numbers. Actually, before we do that, it's only fair to address Woods' back. It caused him to withdraw from the Honda Classic the previous Sunday, and he was visibly in pain during the final round at Doral. Woods' defenders will point to that as the reason for his Sunday struggles, while Woods' critics will say he's looked pretty good the past two Saturdays. No one knows for sure how much the back has affected his play (he didn't mention it until last Sunday), but here's what we do know

Link: http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-tours-news/blogs/local-knowledge/2014/03/why-tiger-woods-sunday-blues-are-overblown.html