Course Handicap | An overview and how we calculate it

What is a course handicap?

A course handicap is a value (rounded to the nearest whole number) that indicates the number of handicap strokes a player receives from a specific set of tees at the course being played to adjust their scoring ability to the common level of "scratch". A player's Course Handicap is determined by multiplying the handicap index by the slope rating of the tees at the course played divided by 113 ( the national slope average ).

Though all courses differ, some easy, others hard, course handicap will effectively "level the playing field" of any course you play.

Another thing about course handicap.

Wiki: Before making the above calculation, the gross score must be adjusted using the equitable stroke control table, which removes the effect of abnormally high individual hole scores by establishing a maximum score per hole depending on the player's handicap index. For example, a golfer with a course handicap of 20 through 29 can record a maximum of 8 strokes on any one hole for handicap calculation purposes only.

Then what?

The course handicap is the number of strokes to be deducted from the golfer's gross score to determine the net score.

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