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A Golf Handicap Calculator and Round Tracker...and more

Free and Easy to Use

What is Golphus All About

Multiple Courses

Golphus is a simple (not to mention free) way to record your scores and track the courses you have played.

Learn your handicap and Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) on the 18000+ US golf courses tracked with Golphus.

Fully Automated

  1. Select your course
  2. Enter basic round info (i.e. strokes, date and notes)

Golphus will automatically generate your handicap as soon as your 5th round is entered.

Slope you ask?

Never look up another course slope or rating again. We are continuously updating our calculator with up-to-date course info.

The more rounds you play and log with Golphus the more accurate your handicap.

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...I have been playing the game of golf for over 50 years now and I really do believe in passing it forward. I think you have a good thing going here for golf. Keep up the good work.


Absolutely LOVING this site! Thanks for creating it... You've totally simplified my life. Every course I play is on here, and I no longer have to worry about keeping track of anything except for my poor score at the end of the round. I'm now a forever loyal of Golphus. Much love.


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