What is Golphus?

Golphus is the easiest and free golf handicap calculator which allows you to record your scores and track the courses you have played. Lower your handicap by logging your score from any of 16000+ US golf courses.

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Then what is a golf handicap?

Wikipedia: A handicap is a numerical measure of an amateur golfer's playing ability based on the tees played for a given course.

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Is my Golphus handicap the same as a USGA Handicap Index?

No, Golphus is not affiliated with the United States Golf Association (USGA) and, therefore, our handicap scores are not officially sanctioned by the USGA as USGA Handicap Index.

Is Golphus free?

Yes, it is.

Course "such and such" isn't in the drop down...what gives?

We are consistently updating our golf course database. If you find we do not provide a particular course you can request it be added here. Just provide course name and location ( ie city / state ).

I added a round in my dashboard, where is my handicap?

Calculating an "official" handicap requires a minimum of five rounds played. We do provide a running "projected handicap" however this is only a very rough estimate.

How many courses can I add?

As many as you play. Or don't play ( see next questions )

I could not exactly remember my score so I just put in what I felt I earned. Is this ok?

Really depends on the kind of cheater you are. Golf is a game honor played against yourself. If you can't be honest with you, who can you be?

What is a round differential?

This is the overall difference of what a professional would shoot and what you shot sprinkled with a little math. After five rounds, voila, your handicap.

Golphus says I am a 32 handicap. I am most definitely not a 32 handicap. Whats going on?

You're a 32 handicap.

Really I'm not

Alright, Tiger. Even though that is not a question. We make mistakes and would like them resolved as much as you.

Submit a concern here and thanks! We will get right on it.

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