About Golphus | and the Golphus team

Golphus is built with one thing in mind — YOU. We want our members to spend more time on the course, and less time in the club house with a calculator or on the phone updating friends.

"I'm probably a 'X' handicap..." —..."I hit a 4 iron 210 into the wind" —...We have all heard the stories. Crazy, if true. But hey, it's not like it's their fault. Calculating a handicap or sharing 'fish stories' can be as hard as playing golf and if you are anything like us, you would rather just golf.

Discover, share, brag and (most importantly) be open about your handicap and game. Golf is fun, and we hope to make your online golf experience the same.


(in order of awesomeness)

  1. Benny_bio

    Frontend guy is his name, golf is his game. His other game is keeping his handicap in double digits...we will see whether he gets into that single digit range this year or not. Public profile

  2. Default-avatar

    A man of few words, but a heart fit for the tin man. Yes, his golf bag is a faded brown leather one from the 1950's. And yes, his driver is the same diameter as a hybrid... but with a swing this smooth it doesn't matter. Public profile coming soon!

  3. Default-avatar

    When he's not at the course, he's probably playing Rock Band. When he's not playing Rock Band... someone should probably go find him. Public profile

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